Welcome to New-Refugio

And what is new at the New-Refugio?

First of all, the hosts. We are a newly founded club whose operators have years of club experience.

What is also new is that the philosophy and thus the offer of the New-Refugio has changed: The "o" now stands for "open" - for the fact that we are open to all kinds of sexuality. Our clubhouse is meant to be a meeting place for all sexual inclinations and types of play.
Every guest is welcome - just as he/she likes it.


On the weekends, i.e. Friday and Saturday, various events and/or workshops take place.

Every 2nd weekend of the month BDSM-events

One fixed point: every 2nd weekend of the month BDSM will be the focus as a theme evening.

As we are a club, it is necessary for our guests to purchase a day membership.


During the week, the New Refugio can also be rented for private use and/or parties. (With longer advance notice, this is also possible on weekends). On about 100 square metres, the atmospherically furnished rooms offer all possibilities to indulge in the hot game of the senses discreetly and undisturbed and to live out one's inclinations and fantasies with each other and to feel comfortable.

The reopening will take place in mid-March 2022. We will keep you informed and look forward to your visit to the New-Refugio.
E-Mail: welcome@new-refugio.at